A Brilliant Madness cover



A Brilliant Madness:  Living with Manic Depressive Illness, which she authored with late actor Patty Duke


“A groundbreaking book for those who are manic depressive or who live with or love someone who is.”

Publisher’s Weekly








Adult Children of Divorce, which she co-authored with Dr. Edward Beal, a Washington D.C. psychiatrist


“A rare combination of engaging writing, solid scholarship, clinical wisdom, and theoretical consistency, this book offers hope to those who have experienced the despair that accompanies the divorcing process.”

Dr. Donald J. Shouldberg, Ph.D., Director, Marriage and Family services, The Menninger Foundation





Heart Bypass:  What Every Patient Must Know with an Introduction by Dr. Denton Cooley, then surgeon-in-chief of the Texas Heart Institute, and Foreword by the late Dr. William Likoff, president and chief executive officer of Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia . . .

“It is extensive, well written, informative and a comprehensive treatise on coronary artery surgery from diagnosis to rehabilitation . . . it is ideal for lay people, especially those having trouble with arteriosclerosis, and will be a great asset to the general fund of information regarding this national problem.”

Gerald M. Lemole, M.D., Department of Surgery, Deborah Heart and Lung Institute




Coming of Age cover



Age for Change:  Baby Boomers Defy the Rules of Aging (free ebook)

 “I wish you had interviewed me for the book.  I could have told you plenty.  When I read the chapter about relationships between parents and children, I saw myself and my daughter right there on the pages.”